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Stepmom E-Coaching

What is Stepmom e-coaching? 

Stepmom e-coaching is working with a Stepmom Coach via email. 

It’s Stepmom Coaching without having to make appointments. 


Why e-coaching? 


1. Convenience

How often do we plan and book things and when the date arrives, it is the most inconvenient time for it? Stepmom e-coaching allows for the unexpected without the hassle of having to reschedule. 


  • Stepmom e-coaching is relaxed, stress free and offers a more flexible environment, giving you the opportunity to process and think about what you need support with, 

  • Once you sign up, you can start emailing immediately, no need to wait for an appointment, 

  • It gives you the time to go back as many times as you want and reread what your stepmom coach has suggested, advised, and responded without having to recall what was said on a 1-hour coaching call, 

  • Unlike a call where you feel pressure to think on the spot, Stepmom e-coaching gives you the time and space to process and think through your responses, 

  • Unlike a call, you are not watching a clock, you don’t have a time limit, 

  • If you forget to ask or tell your stepmom coach something, you can just send another email, 

  • You can email at any time of day or night, so if you live in a different country or time zone or can’t find coaching times that fit your schedule, Stepmom e-coaching is ideal.  


2. Support in real time

As stepmoms there are things happening in our stepfamilies all the time and often, we need support at a specific time or with a specific occurrence or struggle that we are facing, so having to wait until the next coaching call is not always helpful. 


  • Stepmom e-coaching offers frequent and consistent support in real time. 


3. More affordable

Stepmom e-coaching it is more affordable than booking 1:1 calls.


How does it work? 

  • Email me to sign up and make payment, 

  • Once you sign up, I will email you a form to complete that will give me insight into your stepfamily situation, 

  • We will both sign a Confidentiality Agreement (all email communication and coaching calls are 100% confidential), 

  • You can begin emailing immediately, 

  • I will respond to your emails within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) and within 24-48 hours (Saturday & Sunday). 


What does it include? 

The Stepmom e-coaching package of $150 is for 30 days from the date you sign up and includes: 

  • Limitless emails

  • 1 x 30-minute Scheduled Zoom Call

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