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It is said that nobody understands a stepmom like another stepmom. This is very true!


I've been a stepmom for over 10 years, I have first hand experience and understanding

of how hard the role is. 

I've walked the path that you now find yourself on and I've faced many similar 

challenges that you are facing. I get it!


Stepping into a stepmom role can be a shock! 

It feels unfamiliar, unnatural, disorienting, confusing, uncertain and like it's always changing. 

You're trying to adapt to a very different way of life, all the while feeling misunderstood, 

anxious and like you don't belong. It's hard to know where to turn at times. 


You are not alone and you do not need to walk this journey alone. 

I'm here to walk alongside you.  


As a Certified Stepmom Coach, founder of The Worthy Stepmom and a stepmom of three, my greatest passion is empowering other stepmoms to grow and thrive in their role, to overcome challenges and understand their worth. 


Prior to marrying and becoming a stepmom, I lived and worked in Greece and Ukraine for an 

anti-human trafficking organization. It was my greatest honor to work with rescued victims of human trafficking from the time they were rescued, through recovery and transition to normal life. 

My husband Kevin and I live in San Antonio, Texas with our two Miniature Dachshunds, 

Bentley and Bijou. 

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