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Why use a Stepmom Coach?

Working with a Stepmom Coach helps you to identify areas that are causing stress, anxiety and overwhelm and equips you with knowledge, tools and insight to navigate stepfamily life. 

What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

Therapists focus more on the past, present and on cognitions.

Coaches focus on the present, future and on behaviors.

What should I look for in a Stepmom Coach?

Your Stepmom Coach should be specifically certified in the area of stepmoms and stepfamily dynamics. 

Find a Stepmom Coach that you connect well with and that can offer coaching to best match your specific needs. Just as each Stepmom has her own style, preferences and unique way of communicating, so does each Stepmom Coach. 

How do know if coaching is for me?

With coaching, it really is a case of "you don't know until you try". 

If you're struggling with where you are in your stepmom journey and need guidance with how to move forward whilst having support along the way, coaching is for you. 

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